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Michael Thundow is a keen, 26 year-old designer based in the UK, with an inexplicable tendency to write in the third-person.

His career aspirations have always been simply to"add to the currency of design-culture", to take as varied a set of experiences, learn from them, and filter them into as varied a set of works as he can.

Sadly, he's been informed that design-currency can't pay off the student-loan, but he's now employed at Mookie, a wonderful toy-company based in Worcester; go check them out!


- Product Conceptualisation

- CAD Modelling/Rendering

- Techincal Drawings

- Model-Making/Protoyping

- Graphic Design/Branding


- Product Designer | Mookie Toys Ltd. 2020 - pres.


- Freelance Brand/Graphic Designer | 2019 - 2020

- Lead Artist | FoDE Bournemouth 2019


- Design & Innovation Intern | Crosswater | 2017-18

- Product Designer | MOREWATER | 2017-18


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