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Graphic Design Projects


Freelance Brand Creator | Komixer


Komixer Mixer

Client: Mix Beverages Ltd.

Komixer is a Kombucha-Based beverage startup launched in the latter end of 2020.

I had the pleasure of working on a brand-image suitable for a modern, profesional youth-oriented market.

My role extended to everything from the logo, to the can designs, colours, and any other branding element imaginable!


Lead Artist | FoDE Bournemouth 2019



Client: Bournemouth University

BU FoDE  (Festival of Design and Engineering) is Bournemouth University's long-running event showcasing that year's graduate works in the fields of Design and Engineering.

For 2019, I was brought on as Lead Artist to both design all of the events brandable elements (the logo, banners, shirts, posters logo's, even cupcakes!); and, working with our talented event coordinators, coordinate my peers to design all of the event's visual elements.

It was a time-consuming process, but the team was amazing, and we were all extremely proud to have our show regarded by almost every regular vistor as the best they'd ever visted to date, especially given that some had been visiting for 15+ years.

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The scope of the project was initially to just design the Product Design course elements, but since we shared a floor-space with our sister-course Industrial Design, we decided having established our own brand-style, that it would be appropriate to incoorperate it into theirs if they were willing.

I designed the logos specifically to reflect each course: the hatching and dimension lines of the PD logo reflecting a more technical 'hands-on' nature, whereas ID incoorperated the golden-ratio and more organic curves to reflect its more dynamic, artistic drive.







Client: Personal

This was a passion-project for Duncan Jones' then-upcoming film, Mute.

The film a neo-future aesthetic, and featured a mute male protaganist searching for his missing/kidnapped partner, who's depicted with striking bright blue lips. I tried to use a combined sin wave that cuts off to reflect all of these elements.

I posted it on Twitter and was floored to see that not only had Jones noticed and retweeted it; but Sascha Dikiciyan, a composer who's music I'd been following for many years, and was actually listening to whilst making the dvd-cover (the score's themes tied closely, as it turned out), also expressed praise!

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